The keyword of Erica’s present and future is sustainability. Green certifications and initiatives are urgent not only for the fashion sector, but also for our lives and for those of future generations.


BCI – Better Cotton Initiative

It represents the most important program in the world regarding the sustainability of cotton production.

The principles a BCI predictor must comply with involve protection of crop, cautious use of water (production of one kilo of cotton requires 11.000 liters of water) respect of biodiversity, protection of
the soil, quality of fibers and respect of working conditions.

It involves several types of textiles 100% cotton and cotton elastomer.


Initiative which deals with a viscose textile, obtained through processing wood pulp in a sustainable circular process which includes re planting trees in the production zones.

In order for a viscose to be ECOVERO it must be made of at least 51% of Lenzing flake vsicose.

It concerns several types of viscose textiles.