Erica’s historical archive

A journey through the centuries-old history of textile design. A treasure trove of knowledge, tradition and history. Erica Tessuti closely guards all this in its Archive and Library, which have collected over a million articles including drawings, textile samples and rare volumes.
Like a permanent exhibition, the Archive safeguards ancient samples, historical and vintage pieces from the eighteenth century up to the present day, passing through all the significant fashion decades of our century. From proof papers for printing designs dating back to late 18th century France, to a rich collection of vintage fabrics and clothing to relive the seasons of the twentieth century, decade by decade. Without forgetting the original designs produced by Erica’s internal style office, preserved and catalogued. A precious testimony of the history of costume, available for clients to consult, continuously updated and now digitised to become an increasingly important heritage of knowledge, study and inspiration.

Historical archive